Welcome to the PROTECTOR™ online store, a Ukrainian manufacturer of professional protective socks and compression knee-highs. Our products are designed for tourists, sports fans, professional athletes, servicemen and workers who need comfort and reliable feet protection.


Since 2015, we are known as Trekking™, which is when our history began with the development of special protective socks for the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. These products became the first ever modern trekking socks for the Ukrainian army, thus the brand name was chosen.

Due to the expansion of the product line over the past 5 years, in 2023 our brand name was changed to PROTECTOR™, as we not only offer trekking socks, but also a wide range of special socks with professional level of feet protection in various fields of application.


Product line expansion over the years

Since 2017, we have been producing socks of the "DryFeet®" sports collection - 100% synthetic for quick moisture removal during active movement. In 2018, we started producing compression knee-highs and socks of the TonusUP® series to increase endurance and improve body tonus. Starting from 2017, we also offer winter thermal socks under the brand "TEPMO°C®", which are used by Ukrainian polar explorers in Antarctica at the "Akademik Vernadsky Station" for 5 years in a row!

All products are designed in unisex style and come in men's, women's and teenagers' sizes. The assortment includes models for any season and for any footwear. Here you will find socks and knee-highs for athletes, military, police, rescuers and other security forces, tourists and fishermen, hunters and security guards, as well as for various industry workers who spend a long time on their feet or are forced to be sedentary.


Quality and comfort is our tenet

PROTECTOR™ is the only manufacturer in Ukraine that confidently provides a 3-month warranty on its products from the date of purchase!

As always, our experts are committed to ensure the highest level of product quality and meet the needs of the most demanding customers. Using the best materials and modern technologies, we achieve high wear resistance, efficient thermal regulation, fast moisture removal and long-term hygiene to make PROTECTOR™ socks the perfect choice for walks and long journeys, sports, active work or performing critical tasks in extreme conditions. The products are constantly being improved and tested in real-world conditions for each application.

Our company constantly supports the development of mass sports, including children's sports. We offer special discounts for the military and volunteers, and regularly send products to the front line, to various units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and other defence forces.


Stand with Ukraine

Thank you for choosing our products and supporting the Ukrainian economy. We guarantee our socks will become your reliable assistant on the way to your desired goal, so we say: "PROTECTOR™ - safety and comfort everywhere!".