Since the linear parameters of shoes of the same size may differ in length among different manufacturers, we recommend using the table below to determine the required sock size based on the length of the foot. You can also use the length of the insole if you are unable to measure your feet, but this option is less accurate!


How to measure foot length correctly?

1) place a piece of paper on the floor;

2) place your bare foot on the paper ( preferably with the heel resting against a wall without a skirting board);

3) trace your foot with a pencil/pen at right angle to the floor (Fig. 1);

4) do the same with the other foot;

5) measure both feet in millimetres in a straight line from the centre of the heel to the end of the longest toe (Fig. 2);

6) use the measurements of the longer foot to select the size.


Please remember not to measure your foot length in the morning when your foot is at rest, as the measurement will be inaccurate. It is better to do the measurement in the afternoon or evening.

Select the size indicated in the table below according to the result.

If the result obtained according to the table is on the borderline of two sizes, you can choose the smaller option if the foot has a standard rise and the fullness of the leg is not more than average.