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Demi-season compression socks "MidDry+" with Achilles insulation TonusUp® collection black

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Category: sports, outdoor, military, casual

Season: autumn - winter - spring

Height: above the ankle by 5-8 cm

Material: nylon 90%, elastane 10%

Sex: unisex

This model belongs to the TonusUp® collection, meaning that it has moderate 1st class elasticity, namely from the ankle joint and further up the leg, which additionally supports the joint itself and improves blood and lymphatic circulation in the lower extremities, preventing swelling. This effect reduces fatigue due to better muscle nutrition and maintains overall body tonus, which helps to maintain focus, increase endurance and performance.

  • wash in delicate cycle at a temperature not exceeding +30°C;
  • do not squeeze out the moisture after hand washing;
  • straighten and dry in the open air, not on a hot surface;
  • avoid exposure to direct sunlight during drying;
  • do not bleach with chlorine, dry clean, or iron.


Demi-seasonal protective compression mid-height socks from the TonusUp® collection with foot and Achilles zone insulation increase endurance and overall body tonus, support the ankle joint, quickly remove moisture, provide comfort and protection for the legs. Recommended for use at temperatures from -10°C to +15°C (depending on activity, clothing and footwear). These socks are designed for sports activities (running, including mountain and long-distance running, orienteering, obstacle course running - OCR, cycling, motorbiking, rollerblading, Nordic walking, etc.). They will be useful for men, women and teenagers for sports, hiking, including mountain hiking (h ≤2500 m), hunting, fishing, mushroom picking, long walks, etc. The model is made using DryFeet® technology entirely of special synthetic fibers, which guarantee quick moisture removal during active movement, consistent elasticity, resilience and high wear resistance. These socks are suitable for any footwear with mesh, ventilation holes or a breathable membrane.


Features of this model:

  • reliable feet protection from rubbing provided by micro-terry weaving in the toe and heel area;
  • moderate elasticity of the TonusUp® system stimulates blood circulation, improving tissue nutrition, which increases muscle endurance and overall performance;
  • elastic weave supports the ankle joint on all sides, reducing the risk of injury on rough terrain;
  • total insulation of the foot and Achilles tendon area reduces the risk of injury under low temperatures and dynamic activities;
  • above the ankle height protects the skin of the feet from scratches and cuts when passing through obstacles;
  • special 100% synthetic DryFeet® composition guarantees quick moisture removal during active movement, even during rain and after crossing water obstacles;
  • ventilation zones and channels contribute to effective thermoregulation;
  • additional elastic fixation on the foot keeps the bottom of the socks in place, avoiding the formation of unpleasant wrinkles;
  • wear-resistant yarn for modern equipment provides high reliability and long-term performance;
  • does not create an unpleasant odor and does not irritate the skin even after extended use;
  • the embroidered size makes it easy to find your socks after washing them together.


Quality assured by the manufacturer, proven since 2015. Designed and manufactured in Ukraine - "Pick modern Ukrainian!"©